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From our girl friends at college to roommates and friends of friends...
on our website we go out on the streets, bars, parties, malls...
wherever and we pick up the cutest girlie girls and invite them to come over
and party in our apartment. Thanks for dropping in, hope you enjoy your visit!

Nichole was at the perfect place and time. She had just arrived from boston and was stranded waiting for someone. We sat down with her and had some ice cream while checking her out. Her curly hair and nice lips had our juices flowing. We managed to take her to my place and calm her down with quite a few tongue strokes on her hard nipples and pink clit. She had nowhere to go so we partied for a real long time giving her the best time her life.

WeLiveTogether Lexi
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WeLiveTogether Drawn
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We thought were having the best desert ever but that was before we met Dawn. Her long silky legs and cute butt had us going bananas. We had no mercy on her. Every inch of her sweet body was explored and pleased. I even used my favorite toy on her sensitive monkey that made her squirm and quiver all over.

We Have New Girls Over to our Apartment Every Single Week!!!

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